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NAJAM SABA TECHNICAL SERVICES has a Solution to all your Maintenance, Repair, Fixing, Home and office Décor and renovation needs.

We specialize in the following activities.

  • Masonry, floor, and wall tiling 
  • Air -Conditioning Ventilations & Air Filtration System Installation & Maintenance
  • False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installations
  • Building & Swimming Pool Cleaning Services
  • Plumbing & Sanitary Installations
  • Carpentry & Wood Flooring Works
  • Electrical Fittings & Fixtures Repairing & Maintenance
  • Wallpaper fixing Works
  • Painting Contracting
  • Electromechanical Equipment Installation and Maintenance

We also provide AMC- Annual Maintenance contracts for Villas, offices and flats.

We have expert AC Technician and they can do all type of AC Repair and maintenance either split, chiller or ducts cleaning.

We have Manson staff who will care all your masonry work, professional electrician who can Electric Maintenance Service, like stock repair or replace, DP board replace or repair etc.

Plumbing team providing all type of Plumbing Services all over Dubai and they are just away on single phone call. +971509039674

It is your one call solution for home maintenance, repair, and décor needs. We house the most professional technicians and engineers – punctuality and commitment are the key.

For quick reach, please call/whatsapp us on +971509039674 or 0507916809


Najam Saba Technical Services provides masonry, floor and wall tiling works. If you are considering renovating your space or just looking for a decorative finish, we can do that for you. Tiles, marble, stone masonry, grouting and all kind of decorative works are within our field of specialty.

We cater to all types of domestic, commercial or business tiling services.


  • Epoxy Flooring for Industries
  • All Kinds of Marble & Tiles Contracting Works
  • Demolition & New Tiles Fixing
  • Residential to Commercial Tiling work

Air -Conditioning Ventilations & Air Filtration System Installation & Maintenance

Najam Saba Technical Services offers all-round AC service requirements at your home, office and industry. Offers solutions for all your air conditioning requirements, for apartments, Villas, Office, factories and industry. We also offer maintenance for your air conditioning units, keeping them working at optimum performance and ensuring you can rely on them when you need them the most. Our team of skilled engineers will work to accommodate you, setting up regular servicing or one-off maintenance visits as required.

We can help you with the following services:

  • AC Service
  • AC Maintenance and Repair
  • AC installation
  • AC Gas filling
  • AC Drain Cleaning
  • AC Duct Cleaning

False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installations

We specialize in creating and installing partitions that are the perfect way to create separation in your working environment. Our partitions can help you divide your space, and we offer both straight and curved solutions that are made in a variety of different materials. We provide a wide range of gypsum partition walls, drywall partitions, gypsum board partitions, etc.

Building & Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

We provide the best apartment, villa, and office cleaning services and our team is one of the most professional and experienced cleaning experts. The work offered by us varies from building cleaning services, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, maintaining a clean working environment to cleaning floors, kitchenettes and desk cleaning, and deep cleaning service of areas and places that can be scrubbed, washed, and polished.

We bring this experience with the latest technologies and procedures to your place. Our staff is trained to the highest safety standards in the region.

Our experts will come to your place to inspect, discuss, and plan the procedure according to your requirements. Finally, the quote will be provided and the staff will get busy with cleaning the place. The end result will be a healthy environment for you and your family so that you can enjoy living like you want to.

Simply put, we care about your needs and our commitment to keeping you satisfied shows in our work, and our people.

Plumbing & Sanitary Installations

If you require plumbing and sanitary services, you have come to the right place. Perhaps you need a professional plumber to fit the washing machine or to change a tap washer – our expert plumbers will give you a hand and even offer same-day plumbing service. The Handy Squad offers Specialist Plumbing Services to homes in Dubai. Our plumbers can complete a variety of plumbing jobs, from unblocking sinks to fixing a dripping tap, amongst many other tasks.

Our emergency Plumbing service in Dubai is available for commercial, residential and industrial plumbing issues. So, whether you don’t have a central heating system, or you have water leaking around the home, we will be there to fix and resolve the Plumbing issues.

Let us help

  • Repair dripping taps
  • Kitchen sink installation
  • Shower repairs
  • Moving radiators
  • Renewing sealant around showers or baths
  • Tightening fittings or sanitary ware which have become loose Leaks from anything!
  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked drains, baths, toilets and showers
  • Replace taps
  • New stop taps
  • Outside taps
  • Repair of toilet flush

Carpentry & Wood Flooring Works

Carpentry services in Dubai are very important for our household and office living. You will always require a carpenter handyman in Dubai every now and then, whether for small jobs or bigger repairs and maintenances. Najam Saba Technical Services is always there to do the job. All you have to do is Contact US and let us come and inspect and make you happy with all the carpentry-related jobs.

We also undertake bigger carpentry jobs such as custom manufacturing of Cabinets, doors, wardrobes, pergolas, gazebos.

Our carpentry work include

  • Repairing of doors and windows
  • Wood painting and polishing
  • Wood flooring
  • Making, repair and fixing
  • Wooden fixtures
  • Installation of Kitchen Units
  • Cupboards, varnishing
  • Coating of woodwork
  • Assembling of Furniture
  • Refinishing & Fitting Shelves

Electrical Fittings & Fixtures Reparing & Maintaines

Our Company in Dubai provides the best electrical services in UAE and our teams are the best amongst the other technicians available in the companies around. With the most maintained satisfied records, we routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance.

We understand common problems that can affect your Electrical systems better than others. This helps us maintain a strong professional relationship with our customers who believe and rely on us for their residential and commercial matters. With a range of other great services, Najam Saba Technical Services provides the following Electrical Maintenance services:

  • Defective light fittings
  • Damaged or burnt-out power sockets
  • Dirty electric panels and distribution boards
  • Loose electrical connections
  • Overheating wires and burnt cable insulation
  • Corroded wires or cables
  • Short circuits or incorrectly wired earth leakage
  • Imbalanced power circuits
  • Abnormal sounds in light fittings
  • We Rectify and Fix Almost Everything!

Wallpaper fixing Works

If you are looking for a Wallpaper fixing Company in Dubai Welcome to Najam Saba Technical Services. We will be able to handle a complete home make-over or just some simple renovations before the house is put on sale or rent.

We can design and build extensions, manage makeovers, knock through walls to create one larger living space, reposition, and/or build new walls. We can renovate kitchens and bathrooms as well as supply and install a whole range of ceramic tiles, marble floors, new ceilings, doors and archways, lighting, and staircases. No home improvement is too big or too small, from building an entire floor in your villa to hanging a few pictures on your walls. Our team of professionals covers the full range of trades from plumbing to electrical work to complete renovation.

Painting Contracting

Looking for a painter and decorator in Dubai? Welcome to Najam Saba Technical Services We are a professional and licensed paint company in Dubai. You may look for a complete makeover of your home, painting a room, or just simple touch-ups, we can handle all painting jobs big or small.

 Our Dubai Panting services include

  • Interior Painting for Villa and Apartments
  • Exterior Painting for Villas
  • Pergola Painting
  • Doors and Door Frames Painting
  • Filling cracks in walls
  • Plaster repair
  • Removal of wallpaper

Electromechanical Equipment installation and Maintainces

Najam Saba Technical Services provides a skilled and qualified team of electricians and dedicated project managers, meaning that if you have a tight timeframe and a high-quality finish is required, we can manage your project on time and budget. All aspects of the fit-out electrical systems can be designed and installed including lighting control, audio systems, and digital display screen.


  • Switch Board Upgrade
  • Cable Pulling Works
  • Automation Doors/Gate Projects
  • Light Partition Installations
  • Installation of Safety Switches & Surge Protection
  • Audio Visual Cabling
  • Data and Communications Cabling

Engraving & Orbmamentation

Our service range includes a wide range of laser engraving service, spring steel laser engraving service, brass laser engraving service, cork laser engraving service, abs laser engraving service and galvanized steel laser engraving service .Option of rotary engraving capabilities Latest technology based laser systems also allows for flexibility in design. Use of latest technology based laser systems to support processing of colored, structured, mirrored ABS material. Offering fast turn-around times in comparison to mechanical marking Offering fast turn-around times in comparison to mechanical marking. Engraved marking are also durable and cannot be easily removed Najam Saba Technical Services UAE and Dubai deal in all types of engraving and ornamentation installation services.

Najam Saba Technical Services  UAE and Dubai red by advanced graphic design software. Allows for precise, clean engravings. Use of patented laser technology for creating permanent, high contrast and high resolution marks. Option of achieving custom shapes, nameplates and tags. Available in a variety of color combinations .Allows for precise, clean engravings at high rate of production. Solutions made available at affordable price. Providing for permanent, high contrast, high resolution marks .

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